Jules Spinatsch
Highlights International

Highlights International by Jules Spinatsch is the first exhibition in The Trilogy series that focuses on the constructed light that confronts our perceptions and coerces our imagination. Using photographic strategies Spinatsch characteristically sidesteps from the limelight, purposefully ignoring the climax, yet consistently catching that which lies behind the scenes, visual ruins of the main event. By taking underexposed photographs of illuminations, the highlights take on glittering forms from concrete to abstract, to architectural kitsch and beyond. Spinatsch’s playful process is achieved by concealing or revealing part of the structure’s physical reality to its brightest parts, isolating specific aspects that emphasize a particular coherent form.

Spinatsch scapes are pleasure-provoking vistas that resonate views of absence. Images of the night that have become so widespread and familiar that the scenarios they present are accepted passively, as reflections of the real world. Spinatsch presents Highlights International simultaneously in three final forms, as print book, and video, thus he confronting the viewer with different regimes of perception.