Patrick Hari
Harmonia & Concordia

Harmonia and Concordia by Patrick Hari interrogates structures and systems built within our society, by transferring them from intangible concepts to physical objects. Produced in situ Hari works within a vector space, binding all involved elements into a specific cosmos. In creating a constellation of gathered and found materials combined with the media of photography, these structures are seen to unfold in a new and experimental environment. Challenging our inherent tendency to apply convention, meaning and structure to both our surroundings, and ourselves that in turn throws into question where these preconceptions first emerged. Hari encourages an uncertainty in his practice which evolves as the process of construction and completion occurs. The room and the ground itself, like a canvas, hold and record activity that becomes the serum, through which each element communicates. His audience then continues this organic productivity, entering the space as more than just observers but active counterparts in the creation of meaning and dialectical construction.