Next Level is the essential source for cutting-edge, contemporary photography. The focus of Next Level is to showcase emerging and established photographic artists and writers from around the world and to bring awareness and debate to modern culture from a visual and text-based perspective. Launched in March 2002 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Next Level is now one of Europe’s main art publications.

Next Level has found innovative ways to present brands to an influential readership. Next Level offers exceptional opportunities for brand involvement and collaborations. From corporate clients to new media companies, sponsors from the underground to the iconic will benefit through collaboration with Next Level.

Next Level provides a unique environment, unavailable from other comparable titles; the art world’s brightest emerging talents alongside the distinctive edge of established contemporary work giving mass credibility to any associated brand.

We have attracted a lot of media coverage for Next Level, including Financial Times ‘the business’ magazine, Creative Review ‘Pick of the Month’, Italian Photo magazine, Paris Photo magazine, PDN magazine, Blueprint magazine, Arena magazine, ID magazine, Shots magazine, Timeout, as well as BBC ‘Five Live’ and LBC radio interviews.
What has been said:
Tate magazine – ‘…so impressed with the range, quality and seriousness of the stories…congratulations on producing such an outstanding and inspiring magazine’
Sir Paul Smith – ‘A magazine that makes you think.’
New York Times – ‘It is a wonderful magazine’
Sir David Puttnam – ‘Next Level is absolutely excellent… congratulations on what you’re doing for photography’
The Guardian – ‘This will definitely fill a gap in the market’
Blueprint – ‘With high production values, Next Level is a beautiful publication. The seriousness of the texts will provoke interest far beyond the delectation of its imagery’
The ICA – ‘It’s great, a good idea. It’s what is needed’
Financial Times – ‘…striking visuals matched by meaty writing… The quality of the contents should mean that plenty of bookshelves and coffee tables make room for Next Level’
Creative Review – ‘It’s a satisfying collection of some outstanding work… The magazine’s art direction is beautifully understated, with an intelligent and thoughtful contrasting of words and imagery’
Magnum Photos – ‘Job well done, this is the future’

Since 2002, Next Level has championed photography as contemporary art and is dedicated to showcasing the work of a wide variety of artists at critical stages in their careers. As a result, Next Level has nurtured, inspired and developed a reputation as one of the most creative and critically engaging platforms for photography.

But while access to the content is free, time, resources and our labour-of-love involved in the production are not. Please consider contributing a donation to underline your support to deliver our mission of producing aspiring, challenging and critical, yet accessible projects on contemporary photography. Donations help ensure that Next Level and its contributors will be supported while keeping the growing audience engaged and informed of developments in the diversity of contemporary photographic culture.
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