Tuomo Rainio
Video Works

Tuomo Rainio work takes the subject of change and renders the form to create a new present. A key part of the video work points to the question: how does being change to non-being? This entails the change in movement, motion as well as in-between moments. Rainio tempered experience of the world constantly opens itself into the present but simultaneously closes into the evanescence. This movement is constant and becomes manifested in the differing of being. The moment can last from a fraction of a second to millennium, but the duration, scale of time is irrelevant. The works in this exhibition are influenced by digital culture and methods relating to post-photography or trans-medium. This expansive and daring approach to the subject developed optical-based tools and computer programs to expand the photography from light-sensitive to motion-sensitive recording system. The perplexing transformation between light and binary conjure new possibilities based on the concept of movement, change and difference.