Francesco Patriarca
Mineral Hemisphere

Francesco Patriarca’s work is inspired by the organic world, normally imperceptible in daily life. The series of drawings (recycle I,II,II,IV,V) recall the inner structure of minerals observing their geometric patterns based on repetition. These works suggest movement and delicate vibrations as if the slow geological time through which tectonic movement takes place could be observed by the eye and drawn. The piece White Hemisphere I, appears alternatively concave or convex depending on which hemisphere of the brain is involuntarily used by the observer. The installation requires careful observation in which two different attitudes coexist: the romantic contemplation on the one hand and the more rational act of looking that science applies to the study of nature on the other.

Francesco Patriarca lives and works in Paris and Rome. He currently holds a residency at the Sanskriti Foundation in New Delhi and is a finalist at the prize ‘Le cose e il paesaggio’ supported by Sistema deiMusei della Valle Camonica, Fondazione Cariplo and Regione Lombardia.