Nelli Palomäki
Elsa and Viola

One would be mistaken to imagine that Nelli Palomäki carries a camera around with her. Its very presence even haunts her. For Palomäki the interest lies in the observation of the environment without the pressure of photographing it. This methodical approach produces a layer of social anthropology in which time, space and movement all play a part towards her engagement with the environment.

The way people act in front of the camera, is truly fascinating for Palomäki. And if we were to look outside the frame what would we see? As we desperately search for our mirror-face which only exist in our mind. We are all aware of our other side and even more aware of our flaws, unsuccessfully hiding them. This knowledge of self provides an opportunity for the imagination to transpire a visual fantasy – to step out of our epidermis and frolic away from insecurities and doubt.

Although quietly transformative and ethereal, the elegantly composed work make up the formal elements and composition, yet they are touched with subtle and delicate facts that we are here as we really exist, which make these photographs surprisingly lyrical and intimate. The deliberate manufactured portraits reveals the actual decisive moment of taking the image, really extraordinary – one in which we examine an unexpected view of the environment and ourselves, accepting the fact that we really exist, with our good and bad features, makes it suddenly quite comfortable.