Les Bijoux I, 2002
Maud Sulter
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Cathy WIlkes
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Jim Lambie
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Vanessa Wenwieser
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Kate Jo
    Chateau, 2007
    Constructing a Memory, 2007
Astrid Kruse Jensen
    Travelling the Distance
Shauna McMullan
    Bachelor Machines Part I
Rosalind Nashashibi
    The Storr: Unfolding Landscape
Nacionale Vitae Active
    Fragment #1
Calum Colvin
    Clyde, 2007
Julio Brujis
    Blue Corner Bursts
Greg White
    Fire and Ice
Vaughan Judge
    High Wire
Catherine Yass
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Hideko Inoue
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Washington Garcia
    Burbank WAterfront + Lightwave Chambers
Samantha Bell
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Torsten Lauschmann
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Johathan Monk
Iain Clark
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Phil Collins
    Silent Scream #1
Peter Finnemore
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Andrew Lee
    Digital reprint of a photograph by Alec Hill, 2006
Luke Fowler
    We Must Cultivate Our Garden, 2007
Nathan Coley