Virgilio Ferreira
    Milan: The comedy of wealth
Dougie Wallace
    Stray Dogmas
Rik Moran
Alexander Gronsky
    At Night We Dreamed Of Tall Ships
Martina Cleary
    Kawaguchiko from the series Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water series, 2003
Asako Narahashi
    Yawning Woman, New York (1916) from Aperture series of 10 photo-engravings, Published 1983, Atleier St-Prex, Switzerland
Paul Strand
    Private: Wear a Mask When You Talk to Me, 2016, Video Documentation (59 min) Performance, Kunsthaus Zürich, 2016.
Alexandra Bachzetsis
    In Camera, 2015
Mat Collishaw
    Série Elements, Noises I, 2010-2011
Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
    Turris digitale, 2013, From the series Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka
Guido Mocafico
    Porte-Parole/Blackbox version, 2016, Exposition of photographs and performance (16 min)
Loan Nguyen
    Lime from Tandem, 2014
Manon Wertenbroek
    Untitled from Il n y’a pas d’homosexuels en Iran, 2014-2016
Laurence Rasti
    Untitled#12, 2013, From the series Under Cover
Virginie Rebetez
    Everyone Live In The Same Place Like Before Black White & Coloured, 2013, Permajet Omega Photo rag, 87 x 87cm
Claudio Rasano
    Everybody has got something to hide, Collages of my Father’s Family
Jessica Wolfelsperger
    La dimension cachée (The Hidden Dimension), 2015-2016
Delphine Burtin
    Landscape #2, From the series The Grand Tour, 2015
Kasia Klimpel
    Sortir du cercle des coquillages, 2014
Shannon Guerrico
    Tiska, From the series Uzuri-Ubichi, 2016
Agathe Zaerpour
    Light Switch, 2015, (Exploring a Void), 70 x 100cm
Emeka Okereke
    Mustard on Belly, From the series The The The Bread, Inkjet on Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 45 x 30cm
Evan Charles Antoine
    Red Faced Spider Money, 2016, Hanemule Photorag (Giclee), 95 x 74cm
Jim Naughten
    Mogadishu, Somalia, May 22nd 2009, Pigment print on archival paper, 100 x 150cm
Matthias Bruggmann
    Untitled, From the series Pangaea, 2015, Inkjet print, on cotton paper, 40 x 56.5cm
Sara De Campos
    Chunara Khoisan South Africa, 2014, 48.3 x 59.4cm
Namsa Leuba
    Bluebell, 2016, Photogram unique print (perfume on photographic paper), 12 x 15cm
Christelle Boulé
    East Of A New Eden, 2001-2009
Yann Mingard
    N°14826 Untitled, 2013, From the studies Casma.
Joël Tettamanti
    Our Hope Reflected Jewels in the Sky, 2012, Spray paint and acrylic on paper, 46 x 61cm
Basim Magdy
    Investigation of a Dog, 2015, Analogue C Type, 92 x 117cm
Olivier Richon
    Scribble (Drawing) XXV, 2015, Inkjet Print on Canvas, 227 x 170cm
Fabio Marco Pirovino
    On Seen, 2016
Hannah Weinberger