Rentyhorn, The Intervention 2008 Digital C- print 75 x 51 cm
Sasha Huber
    Geweih 2010, c-print 50 x 50cm or 100 x 100cm
Marianne Engel
    Untitled (Sparkling)
Marianne Muller
    Stilleben-26, 2008, C-print on aluminium, 120 x 150 cm & 70 x 90 cm
Shirana Shahbazi
    Alain on his bed 2008-2010Kidz 3000- selection, size variable
Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier
    Artist Portraits David Chieppo, Paris, February 2009
Andrea Pante
    Car 1 2008, C-print 50 x 65 cm
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
    Colonna dell'infamia, 2010, Concrete, steel, anchorchain, anti rust lacquer, sticky tape, wood, inkjet print on hand made papaer, 180 x 400 x 140 cm
Stefan Burger
    Eva, Zurich, 2007, sizes variable
Ruth Erdt
    Hari Eisbein 2008, installation view
Patrick Hari
    Head Square, 2007, Ink jet print on paper 205 x 140.5cm
Fabian Marti
    Untitled, 2005, from Walter Pfeiffer: In Love with Beauty, Steidl
Walter Pfeiffer
    Vienna MMIX Portrait of society 17352 single images from 20:32 to 5:10 february 19 2009. Recorded with interactive network camera at the Vienna Opera Ball 7000 participants
Jules Spinatsch
    Going to fetch wood, 2008,Chromatic inkjet on Hahnemuhle archive paper 100 x 48 cm
Ueil Alder
    Neutralizations 2008, c-print, 3 parts 118.9 x 84.1 cm
Jacqueline Aeberli
    Alter Ego 2 2008, print on canvas, 70 x 46.5cm
Malu Barben
    In the desert I was missing from, Inkjet print on polypropylen film, 40 x 60cm
Petra Kohle & Nicolas Vermot Petit- Outhenin
    Self portrait in Iceland, Iceland Landscaoes, 2010, Digital print size variable
Christoph Stulz
    Untitled, Schabernack, 2010, c-print, 50 x 72cm
Gaudenz Metzger
    Something (not yet) 2009 Digital Photograph, inkjet on aluminium framed, 70 x 150cm
Fabio Pirovino
    Poussez, 2009, inkjet print 75 x 50cm
Andrea Gohl